A Beautiful Asian Wedding

Not long attended the wedding of an Asian friend in London, and has been amazed at the grand arrangements made by the Asian marriage catering company, which was hired to organise the wedding. Lots of individuals had told me about the extravagance associated with Indian weddings, nonetheless I was simply not prepared for this much grandeur. The wedding ended up being an unimaginable riot of colour, interspersed with melodies, dances, traditional customs and celebrations.

The food at the String quartet for wedding was truly delicious. There was a wide variety of cuisines from some other part of India, as well as delectable dishes from France, Lebanon and also China. There was also a halal food station, for family and friends with special religious obligations. The bride’s father smiled and told me that the food at this station was carefully prepared by halal caterers, according to specific religious requirements. The halal giving dishes included Punjabi items like ‘murg makhani’ prepared utilizing halal meat, as well as Mughlai and Afghani dishes.

These days let’s talk about the venue for the wedding. The wedding occured at a beautiful castle, which lent a royal circuit to the wedding. There was a plush red carpet leading up the drive to the front door, which was guarded by two people dressed in traditional sepoy uniforms. The interior of the castle have a large crystal chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, and covered lighting that looked awesome. The walls were decorated with curtains of colourful silks, shimmering with sequins along with golden tassels.

The well dressed guests drifted between the exquisitely decorated food stations, filling their plates along with food and chattering about the excellent wedding arrangements. I can’t help but pick up a plate and join them. The particular serving team of the Asian wedding catering firm were definitely dressed in traditional attire, and were ever so helpful. Like walked up to the buffet table to serve myself, these gave me a bit of interesting information about each available dish. I just particularly liked the ‘roghan josh’ and the ‘biryani rice’.

As I savoured the food, I checked out the performances of your hired entertainment acts. There was a fire blower, a Bollywood dance group, as well as a musical troupe playing traditional Native american indian instruments like the shehnai, sitar and tabla. Soon the exact bride and groom entered the venue, to the beating of high in volume drums, and were seated on majestic thrones. Typically the bride was beautifully dressed, and the couple wore deep garlands of flowers around their necks. Soon, everybody queued up to wish the couple, bless them and provides them gifts.

The wedding planner had done their uttermost when it came to making arrangements for the wedding. The smiles on the faces of the people and the guests proved that they were really pleased with the concepts presented to them by their wedding planners. Even We were really ‘wowed’ by the grand wedding arrangements, and wish to generate similar wedding arrangements when I decide to tie the knot, sometime the coming year. I am sure that this Asian wedding will be talked about among the online community, by all the community members, for a long time to come.