ECommerce Link Building Through Blogger Outreach

Business proprietors and webmasters interested in Search Engine Optimization hear it constantly: build a link, you need links, linkjuice, authority, PageRank. But how do you get hold of powerful, meaningful links to your business’ website without going broke?

The “natural” method is simply to create killer, unique subject material which other people will want to link to. Easier said than done, right?

What if you could get links from trusted consumer advocates who reach a significant base of readers? Ask yourself this: do you place a great deal more trust in the AdWords ads you see on Google, or in a good recommendation from a respected fellow consumer? It’s a no-brainer. know more Blogger Outreach

” at blogs which relate to your particular product line. Comment on the very blogs, and include links to your own content where relevant; refrain from “canned” comments which look spammy. Contribute to the discussion from a meaningful way and develop relationships. Most blogging advertising networks link out to the URL specified by each say poster, so you’re already developing new links with each individual comment.

Even better, however , is getting an entire post dedicated to your personal product.

Contact the blog authors directly by email and have free products in exchange for a review. Always be above-board, yet , and never try to trick them, because chances are they have over heard this pitch before. The benefit of this is two-fold: the link you become will help you to rank for your keywords, and it will provide some lead traffic from the blog.

Just getting links isn’t going to make you show up in the SERPs, though. There are a number of on-page enhancement issues with your website which should be addressed first. For example , every one of your individual pages should include a META description – this is what the major search engines displays when your site appears in the SERPs. You need a powerful, keyword-rich description that converts the Search Engine user into a click-through, thus a potential customer.