Hairbrush Guide 101: Which Hairbrush To Use When

In the case of makeup, our looks are only as good as the brushes people use. Hence why you’ve convinced yourself to splurge regarding that $60 contour Detangler hair brush. Well, the same rule delivers when it comes to hair. The only difference is, when was the survive time you actually thought about your hairbrush? While we always give praise to our more beloved straighteners and straightening wands, the powers of a good old hairbrush (aka the very unsung heroes of hair styling and hair care) can even be overlooked. If this sounds relatable, you’re probably in need of the appropriate hair brush.

Choosing the right hair brush and using it in the correct way can make all the difference in achieving your perfect hair glance. There are so many different kinds of brushes on the market… but do you know which one to utilise for what? Are you using the brush that is right for you?

Finding the right scalp brush may sound like an unnecessary task for some, however , because this is one beauty tool you’re expected to use each and every day, making the switch just might be one of the biggest favors you’ll ever conduct for your hair. Going beyond just simply brushing your hair, with the best brush for your hair type is guaranteed to cause a lot less breakage, prevent bad hair days, and deliver the ultimate ‘do (no curling wand needed).

It may seem pretty simple, but how to find the best brush for you can be a pretty daunting task—after virtually all, there are so many to choose from! And of course, just like your arsenal of cosmetic foundation brushes, you’re definitely going to need more than just one hairbrush. Regardless if you’re looking to highlight your natural waves, detangle the ones stubborn knots or achieve the ultimate blowout, scroll as a result of our hairbrush guide to help you figure out what brush to fit your hair needs. We promise you’ll never underestimate the effectiveness of a hairbrush again.