Is Menopause and Weight Gain For Women Aged Over 40 Linked?

Find it hard over 40 and especially those in their 50’s will tell you them to find menopause and weight gain to be linked together. It’s a common time to put on weight and some of it can be due to change in lifestyle. It doesn’t explain the reason why you are gaining weight around your abdominal area, whereas in your younger years you may have found that you attained weight around the hip area.

Menopause and Weight Gain instant is it a myth?

The actual truth is that hormonal transformations do have a part to play in this. At menopause a woman ends ovulating, her monthly periods end and her shape now produces much lower levels of the female hormone estrogen, this was responsible for the ovulation process. Low estrogen has been produced by weight gain apetamin for women and it is the most likely reason why our bodies change figure. Most woman of childbearing age tend to store weight in their lower body, after menopause they store it all in the abdomen area. This one fact can lead to a greater chance for developing heart disease.

When women hit their 40’s and even 50’s they usually slow down with their exercise routines and will experience most of their muscle turning into fat. At this time your metabolism slows down, so you actually want to adjust your eating habits to prevent your body from gaining an excessive amount weight. As you age you just do not require as many calories as you may did when you were 20.

Many women may be using hormone therapy and link this to their weight gain, but possess shown that hormone therapy does not cause weight gain. Allowing you to not really link menopause and weight gain together as a produce. You many experience temporary bloating due to water retention when you start hormone therapy but this will not last alot more then a couple of weeks.

If you find you are gaining weight during menopause, there are numerous actions to take.

Make sure you are eating a healthy low fat diet, including extra fibre and stay away from too much sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

As you may age it is natural to slow down with your physical activity. You now have no kids to run around after. You probably take a lot less active vacations and just over all take these more slowly. Possibly even your job becomes less physically demanding for you.

By taking just around 30 minutes each day to do some type of activity you can easily balance out the effect on your weight gain. Walking is a great activity as it uses your massive muscle groups and is easy on your joints. Cycling is another terrific activity that many older people like to take up.

Understand that the shape from your body will change and accept these changes. Maintaining a good lifestyle with great eating habits and moderate exercise is going to be really beneficial to you and will help combat the peri menopause and weight gain syndrome.