Link Between Heart Disease, Cancer and Nuts

Medical scientists around the globe have known for a long time that the benefits of eating crazy are numerous: nuts have been shown to improve blood cholesterol, cut down inflammation and oxidative stress, improve circulation and become stable blood glucose levels.

But did you know that eating nuts can also lower that cancer, heart disease and even diabetes risks?

In a nutrition trial offer conducted by PREDIMED, people who ate nuts (particularly walnuts and almonds) at least three times a week reduced their chance of death by heart disease by 55% and their risk of fatality by cancer by 40%-incredible numbers for just a few handfuls of nuts a week.

So how can a little old fanatic be such a powerful weapon against deadly medical conditions for instance cancer and heart disease?

According to the PREDIMED study, benefits of nuts are very protective because they are rich in fats and vitamins associated with a big selection of health benefits: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phenolic acids and other phytochemicals (plant chemicals). Every one of these properties have been shown to keep the heart healthy and the body system cancer-free.

So which nuts are the best nuts?

The PERIMED researchers conclude that walnuts are most effective when it comes to eradicating cancer and heart disease. This is because walnuts are high in alpha-linolenic acid-an especially potent phytochemical. Also, since the skin with nuts typically have the highest concentration of phytochemicals, and walnuts are typically eaten with their skin, eating walnuts leads to increased consumption of phytochemicals.

So how does eating more nuts refer to quitting smoking?

If you are a smoker, or have recently quit, you definitely know that both your heart disease and cancer risks are huge. Nuts, then, can assist you on your path back to health!

Giving up smoking smoking is, of course , the best way to cut your cancer and also heart disease risks, but eating nuts will help you with those people risks even more. So make like a squirrel-and eat even more nuts!

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