Refusal To Provide Notary Service

Permit me to first come right to the point and say that, a notary should not refuse or decline notary services to another person using the excuse that they “only do mortgage work. in

I’m referring to people who obtained their notary commission to could work as Notary Signing Agents. It’s as if they are simply saying, notarizing for the general public is not worth their though. It’s not as profitable. Why should they do something for which they are only going to receive a few dollars per signature plus a travel rate?

In my opinion, this is discrimination. It’s the same as saying that they will admit an assignment from a title company, but they won’t offer the general public.

The Secretary of State does not commission notaries so that they can only work for title companies, or so that they can “only do mortgage work”. Notaries public are commissioned to be able to serve the public. According to the Colorado notary near me Law Primer:

“Discrimination against anyone who presents a lawful request for notarization is not a suitable policy for a public official commissioned for you to serve all of the public equally. Also, such discrimination can supply the basis for lawsuits and complaints. ”

The situation we am referring to is a notarization that I did for a person on Sunday evening in Manitou Springs, CO. This girl called me in the afternoon, but had to wait for the mother to drive down from Denver. The document must have been a ‘Durable Authorization for Personal Representation’. It was a perfectly appropriate request.

She called me first, but when I shared with her what I charge for travel, she said she would complete a few more calls. She eventually called me returning. After I had completed the notarization she said that the entire other notaries she called declined because they “only undertake mortgage work”. This is the second time that someone includes told me that they were declined notary service because the notary claimed they only did mortgage work.

Notaries don’t need to provide notary service 7 days a week. And they do not have to make theirselves available 24 hours a day. It would have been different if the notaries shared with the person that they do not provide notary service on Thursday, or that they do not provide notary service after a several time of day. But for one to say that they only do house loan work is not an acceptable reason for declining notary service.

It’s not the same as a doctor declining to perform open-heart surgery, if the health care provider is not trained to do so. If a person makes a legal ask notarization, then the notary should not refuse. The following is taken from the exact National Notary Association’s ’10 Guiding Principles’: