Tooth Implants Pros and Cons

Any time a tooth is lost, a dentist will give his affected individual a few options on how he can replace this loss. Common methods involve the replacement of tooth using removable clavier and the fabrication of dental bridges.

Dental implants will be screws that are embedded into the jaw bone to replace a tooth’s root. After some time, this titanium screw will osseointegrate along with the bone and assume a perfectly stable position within the mouth. Once stable, a prosthetic crown can be fabricated above the implant to completely replace the lost tooth. Like the traditional solutions available it restores function and aesthetics, but oral implants are slowly taking over because more and more people are acknowledging what the different types of dental implants can bring to patients.

You can are looking to get implants for yourself, as well, and maybe you have quite a few apprehensions about it. Getting to know the given dental implants procedure good and bad points of the treatment should help solidify your decision.


* The steadiness afforded by the successfully installed dental implants cannot be rivalled by any other prosthesis. The biocompatible titanium is able to fuel completely with the bone and it become perfectly stable in the jaw, good enough to support the prosthesis and restore the best function of the teeth. It does not rely on another tooth pertaining to support, as with dental bridges; and it does rely on the particular bone and saliva to remain in the mouth, as with the case regarding removable dentures. It is like you are getting a new tooth to one that was lost.

* When an implant can be installed, it takes the place what used to be the root and then it is actually installed with a crown, on top. Have you ever seen pictures involving dental implants? Results obtained by a properly done implant procedure are able to mimic the appearance of the natural tooth typically the closest compared to any other prosthesis.

* It is able to improve performance and retention of removable complete dentures through the consumption of the implant-support denture system. Implants are incorporated with complete design and construction of the dentures and it gives put in stability and function to the prosthesis.


* The cost of teeth implants is the most important disadvantage of the dental implants. As compared to other methods, the procedure is still quite expensive so not a lot of persons are able to afford it.

* For implants to gain solidity in the bone, a waiting time of a minimum of two months is usually required before any prosthesis or crown is often installed. This means that patients will not be able to enjoy the use of their whole new teeth, right away.