Top 10 Must-Have FREE iPad Apps for Seniors

Most people already know that in spite of mankind’s inability to fully stop cancer as well as other aging-related diseases on their tracks, modern medicine and other design marvels are allowing more and more people to enjoy longer lives. It is actually no wonder then that seniors are the country’s swiftest growing demographic group-those who are 65 years old and more aged continue to swell in number. In this context, the unveiling of Apple’s iPad and its succeeding versions are some like a godsend-with the tablet device’s ease of usage plus without the often painful learning curve associated with conventional laptops, the iPad and similar touchscreen devices seem to are designed solely for seniors-a demographic group whose customers are otherwise known to be averse to technicalities.

Depending on who has doing the counting, there are about 15 to 20 million iPads to choose from. A lot of those millions of iPads are owned by seniors. When you are a senior and you’ve just bought your own apple company ipad, you should know that the following iPad apps should be in your device device pronto!

iBooks: iPad’s de facto ebook reader, the particular iBooks app is an essential part of your reading collection. You can make the text size bigger or make other manipulations to make the reading easier on the eyes. It also has a volume of nifty features, such as annotations tools-you can even print out or simply email your annotations. If you own several devices expressed by Apple, such as the iPhone or Macbook, you can sync typically the ebooks you’re reading in all these devices, down to the exact internet page you last stopped reading. Incredibly convenient.

Kindle: if you ever instead love buying your ebooks from Amazon. com, then you will need its free ebook reader called Kindle, and that is the name of Amazon’s own proprietary brand of electronic ink-based electronic reading device. The Kindle app connects your iPad to one of your internet’s largest catalogs of ebooks, so if you find fulfillment in reading, you can’t go wrong with this app installed on your current device. A huge plus is the ability to download free sample chapters of ebooks from Amazon.

Flipboard: we already know the best way seniors are big on social networking sites. Now, the Flipboard app makes it much easier for seniors to connect with associates or basically anyone with the same interests on the internet. To say of which Flipboard is an elegant social networking app may be an understatement-indeed, Apple itself named it “App of the Year” with the clever way it combines your access to various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, it also aggregates your own personal RSS subscriptions, so you can read the news feed in one go.

ELEMENT?RVIDEN: if you love watching TV shows, then the ABC app is for people. It lets viewers watch recent ABC shows very own iPads at no charge at all. A reminder, though: you might want to use headsets to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. See More Information

Netflix: on the web, Netflix is usually a service that allows its customers to order movies and also other videos on the DVD format. The app basically attributes in the same way, but with the technological benefit of streaming video (perfect for those with decent broadband connection). But while the request is free, you will still need a paid Netflix bill to order videos.

Google Earth. This app will remind you-and beautifully demonstrates-the awesomeness of the device’s built-in gps system (GPS) capabilities. Install it on the iPad and you’ll be capable to always know where you are exactly-it is pretty nifty if you’re curious about where to go or just find your way around a new city. Google Our planet is usually best when paired with the iPad’s built-in Cartography feature.