Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Instagram recently started rolling out business profiles, and Consistent Contact’s account was lucky enough to gain access to the new features yesterday evening.

While there aren’t as many features available with an Instagram industry account compared to business profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms, your business should make the switch when supplied the opportunity.

I’ll walk you through how to change your Instagram bill to a business account and explain the advantages for your enterprise.

How to switch

You’ll know if your Instagram account includes access to the business profile by opening the app together with clicking on your profile icon on the bottom right of the display to access your profile. If you see this message upon the screen, you’re eligible to switch to a business profile:

Instagram Switch to a Business Profile

Click the Learn More button to start accomplishing this and learn about the business profile features:

Instagram for Business Discover more

Next, connect your account with your Facebook profile and Facebook business page. Then, update your business’ contact information, as well as your email address, phone number, and address. Once you complete these guidelines, your account is now officially switched to an Instagram business profile.

If you don’t see the message at the top of your account, click the gear button on the top to view your profile solutions, and then scroll down to the Account section. If you to view option “Switch to Business Profile, ” you have having access to the business profile. Click the option and follow the instructions to modify your account.

Instagram for Business Switch to Business Profile

The advantages an Instagram business account
Why should you make the transition a good Instagram business profile? Here are three reasons:

1 . Becoming found

Before Instagram business profiles were rolled out, in order to followers could engage with a business outside of Instagram was to mouse click their website link in their profile.

Once you provide contact information for your personal business account, a contact button will appear in your page. Instagram users simply have to click that button and then opted whether they want to email you, call you, or uncover your location on a map.

Instagram Contact Button

2 . Having access to analytics

Instagram is one of the last major social networks to add analytics tools. Until now, you could only monitor analytics employing a free or paid third-party tool. The Instagram company analytics tools — which are called Insights — are not robust, but they’re a convenient way for you to get a glance at how your Instagram content is working for you.

You can get a standard view of your Instagram posts by going to your profile as well as clicking the Insights icon on the top right of the monitor.

When you go to the Insights section, you’ll see analytics pertaining to impressions, reach, and follower information within the past few days, but the tool will only show you analytics for individual posts established after you switch to a business profile. The impressions are posted first — swipe left to see your reach.

Instagram Insights Section

Your top posts in the last seven days are usually shown next. Click See More to view these publish sorted by top impressions. If you want to view analytics first of the posts, start by clicking on it. Then, click Check out Insights to see the impressions, reach, and engagement for the posting.

Instagram for Business Insights Top Posts

Follower information is a the bottom of the Insights section. You’ll see a chart with the current day of the week, and which hours of the day are generally most active for your Instagram followers.

Click See Even more for information on your current follower number, the breakdown around gender of your followers, an age range, top locations from your followers, your followers’ active hours of the day for each daytime of the week, and your followers’ active days of the full week.

Instagram Insights Followers

You can also access insights by pressing an individual Instagram post, and then clicking the View Insights website. Instagram will show you the impressions, reach, and engagement regarding individual post.

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