Your Online Marketing Agency-A Partner For Life

Online marketing is the latest ‘big thing’. Recent research has shown that only 18% of traditional television advertising campaigns generate a positive ROI. Compare that to the statistic that 25% of search results for the world’s top 20 brands are directly linked to user-generated content online, and you’ll understand why a good relationship with an online marketing agency is so fundamental to your business’s success. Social media has changed the way the world talks to each other. Including businesses. So if you thought that online marketing just consisted of updating your home page occasionally, think again.

What is an online marketing agency?

An seo agency is a specialist partner dedicated to promoting your business online, both amongst human visitors and the search engine ‘bots that rank your page on Google. First page ranking equals business success. Position-nowhere and your online marketing is failing. That’s the basics. Now for the details. The cornerstone is content. That doesn’t just mean the content on your website, although that has to be fresh, original and engaging if its going to attract traffic. It also means content across the web, from blogging to Tweets, articles and press releases.

An online marketing agency will understand what type of content builds inbound links, a busy social media profile and, most importantly, trust. Trust from your human visitors and respect from the ‘bots, who will play a key role in pushing your listings up the pagerankings on Google. With 90 billion searches on Google every month, never underestimate the importance of page rankings. Your agency certainly won’t; its a key part of their role in building your online profile.

What an online marketing agency won’t do

Avoid an agency that says, “just let us take care of it. You don’t need to do anything”. Yes you do. You need to be an equal partner in this relationship, or its going to fall at the first fence. Beware those agencies who try and keep you out of the loop, just sending you a sheet of glowing facts and figures once a month without any consultation. There are no secrets in internet marketing. Nor are there any shortcuts. Its a simple matter of hard work, ensuring that your content, wherever its placed, is relevant, engages the right audience and produces a sustainable and business-generating strategy for the long term.

What an online marketing agency will do

They will introduce you to a new audience. They will position killer content where it will do the most good. They will create an online marketing strategy that will give you a clear understanding of what online marketing actually is and why it is so fundamentally important to your overall campaign. They will make sure that your content gives you more bangs for your buck and they will make sure that you tap into that billion-dollar marketplace and get a fair slice of the pie. A good online marketing agency will work with you every step of the way to create a real relationship that could be the most important investment you make this year. Choose your partner wisely and choose well. Put your money into an online marketing agency that really knows their business and yours.